Get Fully Developed Infrastructure and High-Speed Netherlands VPS Server

Netherlands VPS Server

Onlive Server provides the most advanced and affordable VPS servers for businesses along with you at a cheap price. Our company provides best offers on VPS hosting plans moreover with no hidden charges. Our Netherlands VPS Server has many server locations which are accessible to users who would like to target worldwide audience with the same domain names. We provide high RAM and SSD Storage to fulfill your business requirements as well as 99.9% Uptime guarantee on all our servers. Get in touch with us and learn more about our reliable VPS hosting packages before purchasing it from anywhere else.

A virtual private server, also known as a VPS server, is an alternative to web hosting. It helps companies and individuals who can’t afford their own dedicated servers but still want all the benefits that come from hosting on a physical machine. Onlive Server takes advantage of all of our patented technologies and state-of-the-art hardware to offer one of the best prices to performance ratios on market today.

Advantages of Netherlands VPS Server

There are some advantages of Netherlands VPS server. The major advantages of VPS hosting for new businesses. It includes:

1. Scalability and cost-effectiveness: With a virtual private server, you get all your basic features and can scale upward or downward depending on how much power you need. It also helps with finances, since scaling down is cheaper than scaling up.

 2. Complete control over everything that’s running on your machine: You have complete access to every aspect of what’s running on your machine, from custom configuration to third-party applications.

 3. Better security than shared hosting: Because a VPS is isolated from other customers’ websites and data, it’s harder for hackers to compromise their way in–though there are still security risks involved when you have root access to your own machine.

Benefits of Netherlands VPS Server

VPS servers are virtual computers that run inside a physical server, so you get greater performance for less cost than traditional dedicated servers. Virtual Private Servers run their own copy of an operating system and perform many of the same tasks as a dedicated server, but at a fraction of the cost. Dedicated hosting works great for one or two applications or websites, but as traffic increases, your site will slow down significantly. This is because all web traffic has to pass through a single server, causing it to become overloaded. With our Netherlands VPS hosting plans, you can have multiple servers working together to serve different parts of your website at once.

Superb Performance

Intel powers our servers i7 processors, and work at lightning-fast speeds. That ensures you get fantastic performance for all your hosting needs. You’ll never have to worry about lagging or downtime. In fact, we guarantee our servers will be up 99.9% of the time! We also offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee on all of our shared web hosting plans. This means that if your site goes down even once in a year, we’ll credit you with an entire month of free service.

Features Of Netherlands VPS Server

Netherlands-based Linux virtual private servers for hosting your web projects. First, Onlive Server has its own server clusters made up of state-of-the-art Supermicro hardware in order to provide you with an uninterrupted service. Second, using our managed dedicated and Virtual Private Servers is possible.

Unlimited capacity

We provide unlimited capacity for all our packages. Therefore, you can easily host any type of website, including high traffic websites, business websites, shopping portals, and blogs for free. With us, you can also host multiple domain names on a single VPS server and get space for your log files that are used for hosting e-commerce stores. With us you will never have to worry about space limitations as we offer an unlimited disk space plan along with an unlimited capacity plan.

99.9% Uptime

Our servers provide 99.9% up-time, so there will be an expected downtime of 9 minutes per month. We’ve accounted for as many plausible scenarios as we can think of in order to provide you with high-quality service. Even if a disaster were to happen, you’d be covered. If your server goes down, we’ll automatically restart it within 60 seconds and credit your account with one day of free hosting time (if applicable). It’s our way of ensuring that your business never misses a beat.

Flexible Control Panel

Onlive server offers powerful cPanel control panel that helps you to manage your VPS hosting account. Whether you are a newbie or expert user, you can use cPanel for simple tasks and advanced stuffs. You can easily deploy multiple applications on your own web space using cPanel. Our hosting servers include SSD storage, free data backups and automated recovery services. We also provide 24/7 technical support via live chat, phone calls and ticket system. We offer 30 day’s money-back guarantee in case of any issues related to our service.

Managed Servers for Experienced Users

If you are an experienced user and want to take full control of your server, a managed server is what you need. You will have complete access to your server’s root console and administrative credentials for total freedom. Managed Servers also include: One-Click Installs, Script Installer, SSH Access, IP Change Control & Console Backups. Get started by contacting our sales team or log in now to upgrade your Onlive Server for free.

Conclusion:-To sum up, Onlive Server is a terrific web hosting platform which provides your ultimate hosting experience at a cheap price. Our team will help you with all your needs by offering you best services and world-class support. Onlive Server provides cheapest Netherlands VPS Server hosting plans. So don’t waste your time and call our team to get best offers on servers now.

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