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Onlive Server has been providing top-notch Cheap Linux VPS Hosting services, supporting both Windows and Linux-based clients and offering up to 4GB of RAM per server as well as 50GB of storage space plus unlimited bandwidth, all starting at an affordable price. Onlive Server hosts all of their servers in secured Data Centres in various countries throughout 35 plus countries so you can be confident knowing your data will always be safe with them. All in all, our review found that Onlive Server provides a reliable service that can grow alongside your needs without breaking a sweat when you’re looking for one of the best Cheap Linux VPS Hosting there are available today.

Price and Value for Money

Many people are scared off from utilizing Cheap Linux VPS hosting companies because they think it’ll be too expensive and put a dent in their wallets. Well, with Onlive Server, that just simply isn’t true! You can easily get set up with any kind of web hosting package you need to run your site or business through them.

Service & Support

Quality of service and support is one of our highest priorities. We provide world-class support through all stages of a server management agreement. You will always have access to your account manager, no matter how complex your problem may be. He or she will be able to direct you towards answers for most issues, but for those rare cases that we can’t solve right away, we follow up every ticket within 24 hours with a solution or an update on our progress.

Performance & Reliability

Linux VPS Hosting should be fast, reliable, and affordable. If your website becomes slow or unresponsive, potential customers will hit back and never look at your site again. With over two decades of experience. You can rely on us to ensure that. You won’t suffer from poor performance & loss of business due to a slow server. We strive for maximum uptime and are dedicated to providing quick response times. So, that our users can continue their daily business without worry. However, there is nothing such as a 100% guarantee for uptime (this applies to all web hosting companies). Since nothing is perfect in life.

Uptime & Speed

Both of these criteria are important if you run a website that’s reliant on visitors from all over. First, your uptime refers to how often your website is up and running without any problems whatsoever. With most providers, you should expect around 99.9% or better for uptime. Anything less than that, and it can affect your search engine rankings! Another important factor is speed; when a visitor accesses your site, they shouldn’t have to wait long for everything to load properly.

Features & Functionality

Every hosting provider has a range of features available for its customers. While some providers provide ample features, others offer more experience. In terms of features and functionality. We didn’t find many other hosting providers that could match what Onlive Server provides. Its customers—it even seems like they’re constantly adding new functionality to make their service stand out from other offerings.

Ease of Use

One of my primary concerns, when I decided to try Linux VPS hosting, was the ease of use. If a company’s web server interface was intimidating or difficult to use, I probably wouldn’t stick with them for very long. Fortunately, Onlive Server doesn’t fall into that category. Their control panel is easy to understand and offers a fairly wide range of features which makes using their Linux servers really easy and hassle-free.

Privacy, Security, Encryption & Backups

Of course, there’s no security system that’s 100% foolproof. But Onlive Server does what it can to ensure your data is protected. It uses SSL encryption for all web server connections, and it keeps all of its servers in secure facilities with 24/7 armed guards.

Business Tools & Features

The main differences between a Linux server and a virtual private server (VPS) are that of the environment. You can access your files, databases, and other IT resources from any device or location. While with a VPS you have full admin control over all aspects of your cloud environment. This means that some of the business tools & features offered by an Onlive server are not available in regular virtual private servers.

What is WordPress Web Hosting and how it is helpful?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that is used by millions of people across the globe. It is one of the most popular web content management systems. This can be used to create blogs, e-commerce websites, and other social networking websites. If you want to use WordPress for blogging then you need to have a reliable WordPress Web Hosting provider so that your website will always remain up and running properly.


WordPress Web Hosting with a Linux VPS Hosting: We’ve reviewed some of the best Cheap Linux VPS Hosting on our list. There are many more out there, however, so if you know any others that you like, feel free to let us know in the comments! When picking your host, don’t choose just based on price and popularity—make sure they meet your needs and offer good customer service too. That way you can focus on creating quality content for your website or taking care of your clients without having to worry about technical stuff! Happy blogging… and remember, safety first (always!) Have a Good Day!!

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