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What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server often called a dedicated hosting service, is a single physical server that has been designed and built to be used by only one client, who will have complete control over it and exclusive access to its resources. The hardware of these servers can be either owned or rented by customers. If you own them, you’ll have full control over your hardware and software setup and can customize it as much as you want without any restrictions. If you rent them from us, Onlive Server will take care of all technical details for you. These machines are sometimes referred to as managed servers since we take care of all maintenance activities on your behalf.

Why Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server hosting provides greater control over your web hosting environment. With a dedicated server, you’re guaranteed that your website will be placed on a server where there are no other websites taking up resources. When you use shared hosting, there’s a possibility that you could experience slow performance if your website and another site or sites on that same server are using too many resources at once. A managed dedicated server is ideal for very high-traffic websites because it will always have ample space for each of its virtual servers to perform well.

That means fewer problems with outages and crashes as long as traffic isn’t extremely excessive. Sites with low traffic might not notice any difference between a dedicated server and other types of hosting options. However, if you want complete control over your host environment and aren’t worried about how much it costs, then a dedicated server may be right for you.

How Many Websites Can You Host in a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server offers unmatched performance and rock-solid reliability for your websites, applications, and other IT infrastructure. What’s more, dedicated servers are available in a range of sizes that can accommodate any kind of site or app from e-commerce to social media sites, and you can host unlimited sites on buying Dedicated Server.

When Choosing a Dedicated Server Consider

When choosing a dedicated server, you have to choose between fixed and shared resources. With a fixed setup, your server allots a certain amount of CPU power, RAM, and disk space that you can use for as long as you wish. When Selecting a Dedicated Server Consider Potential Downtime. The benefits of Buy dedicated server hosting should contain superb uptime and stability. Your selection of a server must be one that assures you of around-the-clock uptime.

How Much IP Address will I Get?

The number of IP addresses you get will depend on your plan. Onlive Server generally gives new customers 10 IPs at a time. The maximum allotted amount of IP addresses will change from time to time. If you are planning on getting a large number of IPs, it would be wise to request them in smaller increments rather than all at once. Because it takes up to 24 hours to process any changes. If you request a large number of IPs and find that they don’t fit your needs. It could take you an entire day just to remove them. When considering how many IPs you’ll need for your network. Keep in mind that most private networks fall within a range between 1-10% of the total addressable market share. For example, if there are 4 billion potential users for your service.

Come with Onlive Server For VPS

Onlive Server provides high-performance, reliable, and affordable cloud server hosting plans that are suitable for businesses of all sizes. Our servers are optimized with Intel Xeon processors and other configurations like SSD, ECC RAM, etc. Which makes our servers faster than ever before. We also provide free installation of any software on our servers. With our expert support services and dedicated team, we will be available to assist you 24*7. Whenever required during business hours or nights & weekends because of emergency situations Best VPS Hosting.

Conclusion: –

If you are looking for an inexpensive, high-quality hosting service. It provides all of the features you need in a straightforward Onlive Server that is there for you. Onlive Server is a complete cloud solution that is available as a subscription-based hosting service. This offers you the flexibility of renting servers virtually. You can purchase a dedicated server is dedicated to you and your organization. Either way, this saves time and money that you would otherwise spend on maintenance and administration. It also gives you the flexibility for upgrading your virtual or physical server instances in two different ways.

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