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If you are looking to Buy Windows VPS and need some reliable options. Then Onlive Server is the right choice for you. It offers various Windows VPS hosting plans at affordable rates. Plus, all Windows VPS plans come with high-end hosting features, 24×7 customer support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a free domain name, and free migration services. With an easy-to-use interface and multiple payment options that make your shopping experience easy and convenient. So don’t wait any longer; get your Windows VPS at the most affordable price today!

What Is a Windows VPS?

A virtual private server, or VPS, is essentially a partitioned section of the main server. That runs its own copy of an operating system. The partition can be assigned dedicated resources like CPU time, memory, disk space, and an IP address. Additionally, customers will have full administrative rights to their own server partition,. Which they can install any software they want on it.

This makes a Windows VPS hosting plan ideal for business owners. Who want web hosting flexibility along with numerous other features at affordable prices. Because all data is stored locally on each VPS partition, each customer’s data remains completely isolated from all others. This feature allows each customer to implement security measures without worrying about harming another user’s data. Because they’re using separate partitions. In addition, you’ll get access to a dedicated network interface card (NIC) so your traffic won’t interfere with anyone else’s traffic on our servers.

Different Types of Windows Virtual Private Servers

There are different kinds of windows VPS servers based on their use. If you want to host your own private websites or develop a local app. Then you need to go for a windows server plan. Similarly, if you want to launch an online business. It is better to go for windows dedicated server hosting plans since they offer better performance and security. There are also premium features in these plans that can be availed by paying more.

Why Should You Use a Windows VPS Hosting?

If you’re running a small to medium-sized website that needs reliable resources, a virtual private server (VPS) is your best option. These servers are not only more secure than shared hosting but they also offer high performance without the added expense of getting dedicated servers. Unlike traditional shared hosting, which places your website on a server with hundreds or thousands of other sites, VPS hosting gives you all of the resources from a dedicated server at a fraction of its cost. As such, it’s perfect for large businesses that need multiple applications and databases as well as smaller businesses looking for security.

Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with your site, there are several different types of Windows VPS hosting plans available; however, most fall into one of two categories: fully managed or unmanaged.

How Can You Get the Best One for Your Website?

If your website attracts more traffic than what’s typical for average websites in your niche, then getting a VPS hosting plan will really help you deal with spikes in traffic without crashing your site. A good provider gives you options for multiple versions of Linux OS to use as well as control panels so that you can select ones such as cPanel, Plesk, and Direct admin. Other services offered should include MySQL support, PHP support, and SSH access. You should also take a look at their prices to see if they offer discounts if you pay annually instead of monthly. Also, look at their network architecture; make sure it’s sufficiently fast so that visitors never have problems loading web pages on your site.

Recommended Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Provider

If you are looking to buy Windows VPS, Onlive Server is the right choice for a trusted and reliable web hosting provider. It offers various Windows VPS hosting plans at affordable rates. All of its plans come with outstanding features that can expand your business online. Currently, it has four windows VPS hosting services: Managed WordPress Hosting, Instant Setup Shared Hosting, Ultimate WordPress Hosting, and Custom Virtual Dedicated Servers that can perfectly meet all of your requirements. In terms of security, reliability, speed, customer support, and affordability, Onlive Server is undoubtedly one of the best Windows VPS hosting providers.

What is WordPress Web Hosting?

If you are planning to buy WordPress Web Hosting, then you must be aware of its features and functionality. If not, then there is no need to worry as we can help you by providing you necessary information about it. We offer a variety of web hosting plans for your business website that suits your requirements in terms of bandwidth, storage space, traffic volume, etc. Moreover, we provide a 1-click install facility for WordPress so that even a non-technical person can use our service.


We are here to help you in case you want to make any changes. We offer free support 24/7 for all our customers worldwide. When it comes to WordPress Web Hosting. We are here to help you in every aspect of your business and website hosting plans. You can reach us anytime on Live Chat or Ticket System for support or queries related to billing issues, website setup, websites, email configuration, etc. In case there is an issue then we will ensure that it is taken care of as soon as possible or else we will issue a refund if necessary.

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