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WordPress Website Hosting

The Word Press Website hosting providers offer a range of features, from simple domain registration to complex website hosting and management services. In order to find the right solution for your needs, you need to start with some basic information about what you want from a website host. Onlive Server is a free online tool that can compress PNG images files. It will reduce the file size of an image without any noticeable visual difference. The online tool is easy to use, just upload you’re PNG and it will create a compressed version in no time. The tool supports transparency, which means the transparent areas are preserved if you decide to convert your PNG into a JPEG or GIF file. Tinning uses advanced zipping and deflating technology so even large files can be compressed into a small file that takes up less space on your hard drive or in your Drop box account. For many of us, getting a website online is as simple as plugging in an address, following a few prompts in your browser, and you’re on your way. But that’s not the case if you want to run a Word Press site.

Why should Choose WordPress Website Hosting

Word Press is a popular platform for building websites, and as more people use it, the platform becomes more and more popular. Onlive Server provides a cost-effective way to host your Word Press website while giving you the freedom to use its full potential. One of the most important aspects of any website is its hosting. Hosting refers to the location where your website files are physically stored. Good hosting ensures that your website will load quickly and be secure from hackers. If you choose a server that is too small for the traffic to your site, you may experience slow load times, server timeouts, and downtime. WordPress recommends that you host with a company that offers free migrations, free site backups, and allows you to install WordPress with one click. WordPress hosting is a great option for websites. A WordPress hosting company provides you with everything you need to create an impressive website. WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) that makes it possible for you to create high-quality websites without any knowledge of coding or programming languages.


Unlimited bandwidth: No bandwidth limits on your website.

Free domain name: Get a free domain name worth $12 when you sign up with Onlive Server.

Unlimited disk space: No disk space limits on your website.

24/7 support: Support through phone and email is available 24/7 to help solve problems related to website operations.

99.9% uptime

Advantages of WordPress Website Hosting

The best WordPress hosting companies have 24/7 customer support and unlimited data transfer. They also offer e-commerce solutions that make it easy for you to run an online business. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that can be installed on a web hosting account. This article outlines some of the basics of choosing a WordPress web hosting service, as well as provides some comparison information for some of the most popular web hosts in the business. Onlive Server is a web hosting company based in Utah, United States (US). Their servers use Open Stack, an open-source software platform for building private and public clouds. They provide shared, reseller, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated server, cloud hosting, and WordPress hosting solutions. There are several different options available when it comes to choosing a web host. You can use shared hosting if your site receives little or no traffic. If your site receives a lot of traffic, then dedicated hosting might be your best option. The best way to decide which type of hosting is right for your site is by asking yourself how many people will visit.

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